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Independent Artist 30 Day Radio Campaign

Delivered to 800 Stations | Guaranteed Radio Airplay

30 Day Radio Campaign
Submitted to 800 Monitored Stations (2 Radio Formats) 
1 Airplay Report
100 Wkly Spins
400 Total Spins

Stage Name
Song Title
Album Name
Label Name
Album Art Work
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud & Reverbnation Page



Starting a company vs. buying an existing business


If you are interested in starting an online business or a business at a physical locations there are some similarities you need to research before you begin.  I have listed some objectives for you to consider below:

  • Need data for new company
  • Write a business plan
  • Build brand name
  • Name of your company should represent what your company is or what it is about
  • Research Data needed for new company
  • Do your research about location and type of company you are proposing
  • Build customer base
  • Advertisement budget should be written into plan

Time Saver Business Tools

I use different business tools to help me maximize my optimization online.  One of the tools I use is Tweetdeck.


Have you ever overlook tweet messages because they are all intertwined with all your other tweets?
TweetDeck helps to organize your tweets in different columns.  You can start off with three columns such as; current tweets, tweets you send out and messages from followers.  You can break the tweets into additional lists if you like for your site such as interactions, timeline, mentions and so much more.